Breckenridge Travel Trailer History

Enjoying the park model lifestyle.

Most companies try to articulate a corporate philosophy. It helps everyone within the organization – and without – understand what goals are most important, beyond simply making a profit. Of course, it is by adhering to a loftier set of principles that most companies achieve their greatest success.

BreckenridgeAt Breckenridge, our philosophy is simple: We attempt to do what is right, every time – for our customers, our suppliers, our dealers and ourselves. Each employee sees this not only as a corporate goal, but also as a personal goal. And that has helped us satisfy a great many customers over the years.

Breckenridge Recreational Park Trailers was founded on September 23, 1991, as a division of Damon Corporation.

The original employees built the first three park models in an empty building at the parent company’s travel trailer complex. They sent these first models to the RV industry’s largest trade show in Louisville, Kentucky, where they were received with great enthusiasm.

Breckenridge moved immediately into a 25,000 square-foot building in Nappanee, Indiana. This factory, though small, allowed the fledgling company to increase its production rate to three units per day. That capacity soon proved insufficient to meet demand, so Damon Corporation purchased the property and some additional buildings adjacent to the factory. With this acquisition, Breckenridge was able to expand again. But success was coming fast and furious. It soon became apparent that even the larger facility was inadequate to provide dealers with enough product.

On October 8, 1993, the company signed a contract to add 45,000 square feet to a 20,000 square-foot building located on the north end of its 15-acre property. Breckenridge moved into this state-of-the-art, product-specific manufacturing facility in May of 1994. It allowed us to produce up to six park models a day, which exceeded the top production volume ever achieved by any other manufacturer in the industry.

For a company that made RVs intended for stationary installation, Breckenridge was certainly on the move! Just 18 months after settling into the expanded facility, it became obvious that even 65,000 square feet of space wasn’t enough to help us supply the market. Contracts were signed once more, and building got underway on a new facility in January of 1998.

We moved into this facility-our current one-in March of 1999. At 120,000 square feet, it is the single largest park-model-specific manufacturing plant in the world.

The capabilities of this plant are cutting edge, consisting of the most advanced technology and enabling us to manufacture with techniques that ensure the highest quality and efficiency. Here we produce more than 15 park models a day.

Breckenridge has dominated the recreational park model industry for several years. We’ve accomplished this feat by continually striving to give our customers more – more features, more benefits, more value – in a total package where the quality is second to none.

Breckenridge, 656 North Delaware, Nappanee, IN 46550